How Can We Help?

Cherish Life Ministries will provide the people, tools, resources and support materials to help individuals develop and activate a Life Ministry in their church. Modern technologies are made available to every member.

CLM will help everyone who wants to join the movement by providing:

1. A Pastor’s Letter DVD which will encourage your pastor to support your efforts.

2. Monthly Newsletter via email.

3. Listing of your local Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), Abortion facilities, and other local chapters.

4. Pro-Life Resources, including:

  • help communicating with pro-life leadership where needed or desired.
  • links to Sidewalk Counseling/Training Resources.
  • free information materials!

In today’s modern world, millions of people can be reached with information in a matter of minutes. Who is controlling the message and what kind of information is reaching those millions?  Secular media and supporters of the culture of death, that’s who. Why do we leave it to them to deliver the message of life?

It’s important we help shape the language and properly represent the defenseless.  We can’t leave it up to secular, pro-abortion and so-called “Christian” media misrepresent God and truth.

Every church should have a Life Ministry, and, even if you already have something like this, you can benefit from a relationship with and support Cherish Life Ministries.  We can help you reach more churches and people around the world, so that together we may end abortion and defend the defenseless.

Cherish Life Ministries ~ A Call to The Church
Empowering Christians to Effectively Communicate the Life Issues

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