Why Friday & Saturday?

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Why Friday & Saturday?

We chose the first Friday of every month for the following reasons:

1) Friday and Saturday are the two most common days for abortion

2) The first Friday signifies a new beginning every month, and when we succeed, a new beginning for unborn children to be born.

3) Friday is the day we associate with “ready to have some fun now that the weekend is here!”. Thousands of people won’t be having fun on that day. They will be killed.

4) Good (Holy) Friday is the day Christ died for our sins to save us. It’s the least we can do to save his children, our brothers and sisters in Christ, for him on that day.

Saturday is the day when more people can physically participate in outdoor Action Calls. Students have off from school and many people have off from work.

We must speak out for the unborn, for they have nobody else but us to do it for them.

If you normally sleep in on Saturday, make it a day where you will wake up earlier to do something positive, something that can literally save lives. Wake up and defend the defenseless and help the helpless.

They are counting on you & me to be there for them.

* 88% of abortions occur during the first 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.
* 60% of abortions are performed on women who already have one or more children

I realize many of us are involved with our own “Purpose Driven” lives, and are doing God’s work in many ways.

This is one issue though that has to be addressed in conjunction with whatever your other callings are in life.

Join the Monthly Call for Life and Life Letters every month on the first Friday, & on the first Saturday, following the first Friday.

It is literally a matter of life or death !

Are you ready to defend the defenseless? Than go here first!