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Join the many Pro-Life people who feel like you do, who know that we have to do everything possible to end abortion. Speak together as one, every month on the first Friday.

1st) Sign up for our monthly newsletter and reminder by putting your email address in the box in the upper-left corner and clicking submit.

2nd) Of course, participate in the Monthly Call for Life!

3rd) Pray! – Prayer Pivot

Vacation? Busy?

3,500 people will be killed in the womb in America today because of abortion. We can take a minute for them can’t we?

Pick up the phone, email and/or write your representatives on every first Friday, no matter what!

New Jersey recorded 47 abortions per 1,000 (regardless of pregnancy) women ages 15 to 19, posting the highest statewide teenage abortion rate of any state for 2000, the latest time period for which state-by-state data were available. – Source – FreeRepublic

What can I say and who do I talk to?

Are you ready?

Click here for more information, and make the call, and/or write the email!