Monthly Call for Life

What is the Monthly Call for Life?

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Stop Abortion Now Everywhere (SANE)


The Monthly Call for Life has been set up for one purpose, to challenge the culture of death. Abortion, embryonic stem cell research, gender selection and other modern scientific practices kill innocent human beings, and unless we speak out to stop them, so-called “scientists and doctors” will play God with our lives. Join us once a month to help end abortion and human killing research!

This site is not for those who are still trying to figure out if abortion is wrong. If you are still struggling with this, then click the links at the top of the home page and visit the tons of other sites which are out there to help provide you with information.

This site is for is those of you who have decided that enough is enough. You know abortion is murder, it is wrong and you are ready to do something about it!

We can end abortion. Enough talk. There are thousands of proLife entities out there and we need to band together and speak with one voice.

Talking about how horrible abortion is and not doing anything to stop it is the same as saying that you will quit (smoking/eating/drinking/insert yours here) tomorrow.

How are we going to stop abortion? We are going to speak together as one voice every month on the first Friday. We will email, call and write our representatives. As our numbers grow, we will get so LOUD with our demand to end abortion. They will beg us to stop. Our answer will be…


This great country was built on the premise of freedoms, ones such as Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It’s time to defend these freedoms.

Someone said to me the other day that abortion is a topic that should be avoided. I asked what it should be substituted with and he replied ‘the weather, or sports or something like that”. If you want to have a meaningless life and have meaningless conversations go ahead. Otherwise, talk about what is important, even if those who are pro-abortion find it uncomfortable.

Get involved. Silence supports what you disagree with because it enables people to continue killing innocent children. Turning away and trying to avoid difficult conversation and action is the same as giving permission for abortion to continue.

So speak up and speak out, with your friends, with your neighbors and at your parties. The pro-abortion party has made the topic of abortion into an uncomfortable one. They don’t wish to talk about it because they say it is not appropriate conversation. If saving millions of people isn’t appropriate conversation I can’t imagine what would be.

Besides, like I said, they made speaking of abortion an uncomfortable topic, but speaking about life and the wonders of birth, babies and growing up can be a beautiful conversation! We can only have this conversation if we let our children be born and grow up.