January 22nd, 44 Years of Abortion

Forty-four years ago, the Democrat party pushed through one of the most brutal rulings in the history of the United States, Roe v. Wade. Click the photo above to continue reading.

Because of that decision, and Doe v. Bolton, women are allowed to use abortion to kill their children through all 9 months of their pregnancy. They can have an abortion all the way up to the moment of delivery if they want, and many women do so.

The late Doctor Bernard Nathanson, was in one way or another, personally responsible for over 96,000 abortions. Dr. Nathanson told me in the early days, before decriminalized abortion, he and others did everything possible to manipulate the public, to get them to believe that women and men in America needed abortion. As co-founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), he worked with that organization to fabricate statistics and change public opinion.

For instance, before decriminalized abortion, approximately 200 – 300 women died of illegal abortions in America. That number wasn’t good enough for them, so they did press releases that claimed the real number was between 5,000 and 10,000. They also made up catchy slogans, like “woman’s right to choose.”

Over time, Dr. Nathanson realized abortion wasn’t just a word. He started not only to understand how wrong abortion was/is, he wanted to do something about it. He became a Catholic, and one of his most famous efforts was producing the movie ‘The Silent Scream,” which shows a child in the womb attempting to move away from an abortionist’s instruments. Dr. Nathanson told me that when he thought of the movie, he was no longer performing abortions, so he had to call a friend of his that was still doing so. After all, he had to be able to film a live abortion!

I remember when I saw the movie, shortly after it was released. It shocked me to the core.

In 44 years. Approximately 60 million people have been killed in the womb in America. Put another way, women have used abortion to kill 60 million of their children. Around the world, women use abortion to kill 50 million people every single year!

Typically, Christians fight abortion, atheists & others defend abortion. For a number of years though, more and more pro-abortion people are infiltrating the Christian churches. Because of this, and the 501(c)3 law, which bans churches from discussing “politics,” many churches are afraid to speak out against abortion, and the politicians who support it.

7At Cherish Life Ministries, we encourage people to help educate others on the reality of what abortion is, the intentional killing of a human being.

One thing you will notice when discussing this topic with pro-abortion people, they don’t want to say what abortion is. I believe the reason for that is they don’t want to face, or admit, that abortion kills an innocent human being. If they do, then the argument changes. They would have to defend the indefensible, the right to kill innocent, defenseless human beings.

Speak out against pro-abortion people at your churches. Speak against politicians who defend abortion and support those who are against it.

On the 27th, hundreds of thousands of pro-life people will gather in Washington D.C. to protest abortion at the March for Life. Of course, as usual, the media will completely ignore us. The women’s march on the 21st will have gotten more media coverage in one day than the March for Life has gotten in 44 years. So it goes. Among other things, the March for Life helps us recharge our pro-life batteries, and it helps us connect with other pro-life people. Nellie Gray, the founder of the March for Life worked hard to end abortion, so that, as she would always say, we wouldn’t have to march again next year.

We can end abortion. We will end abortion.

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