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Cherish Life Ministries ~ A Call to The Church



It is time for church leaders to tell their congregations the truth of abortion. Cherish Life Ministries, A Call to The Church, is meant to help churches recognize they should all have a Life Ministry, and the representatives of that ministry should be recognized as missionaries of the church. 

Let’s face it, it’s hard enough for parishioners to get a pro-life ministry going in the first place, even with the support of our church.

Cherish Life Ministries began with a vision to create ongoing Life Ministries within churches and local communities across the United States.  We do so by providing internet marketing technology, pro-life resources and educational materials, along with support forums to individuals and churches as members of Cherish Life Ministries.

We think most people will agree that something is seriously lacking in our churches concerning LIFE issues. We believe what is lacking is leadership and education on the issues of LIFE and that our Christian leadership should be leading the church toward a culture of life.

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